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Last updated: December 30, 2019

In ”The Death of the Moth “, Virginia Woolf shows tone as lighthearted in the beginning to dark and depressing at the end. The author uses diction, so the readers can identify their life as energetic in the start and inactive at the end, similar to a death person. In this passage, Woolf emphasizes on pleasing words to indicate the delighted life at the beginning of a human. The author writes a “pleasant morning” in “mid-September” with a moth who is “content with life” (Wolff 128). But, as death approaches, the moth feels “helpless” (129), “in difficulties” (130) and “agitated” (130). Also, the insect “fails” (130) to wake up, so the “little creature now knew death” (Ibid). In this paragraph, the author informs people those are the feelings they will feel of their regrets. In other words, Wolff puts these terms through a life of the moth that people will have the same faith, no matter how big or small you are. In this way, it reminds the humans that life is important, and they have to live it before remorse chases them. Next, in the moth case, humans have a tendency to have a barrier in front.


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