Topic: Linguistics

Last updated: September 27, 2019

In stylistics, there are expressive means and stylistic devices of the language which is based on a significant structural point in an utterance.

At the same time, utterances in context have their own peculiar structural design and bear some particular emotional coloring, that is to say, they are non-neutral patterns. Galperin 1977, 193 indicates to the following inference from the study of the structural elements of utterances which are summarized as follows, 1) It is the structural element of the utterance that predetermines the possible semantic aspect; 2) structural elements have their own independent meaning which may be called structural or grammatical; 3) Structural meaning may affect the lexical, giving contextual meaning to some of the lexical units. Galperin 1977, 202 also suggests that the syntactical aspect of the utterance plays an important and necessary role to study the style of texts when he writes, “the structure syntactical aspect is sometimes regarded as the crucial issue in stylistic analysis, although the peculiarities of syntactical arrangement are not so conspicuous as the lexical and phraseological properties of the utterance. Syntax is figuratively called the “sinews of style”.

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