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Last updated: March 25, 2019

In Raymond Carvers “Cathedral” the story is told by an unnamed narrator who is uncertain of the plans that his wife has made to have her old friend Robert stay with them. The narrators biggest concern is not only with the relationship that Robert has with his wife, but with the fact that Robert is blind.

Though the narrator shows many signs that he is envious of the relationship between them, he also has great anxiety with being around a man that is blind. The narrator states that he always thought of the being from the movies and having certain physical setbacks on top of the blindness and was uncomfortable with this arrangement (p. 34). Carvers choice of telling this story from a first-person point of view portrays a clear image of the feelings, attitudes and isolation of the narrator. When the narrator speaks his tone and mood are revealed.

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Though not done directly or intentionally this results in knowing the narrator at a deeper level.


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