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Last updated: November 29, 2019

In past decade the ethical issues were only noticed and discussed when the organization finished the project.

Recently, as a result of globalization the ethical issues are gaining more attention in business word and the issues are addressed and discussed during project life cycle for getting better results. The first thing that is every corporation wanted from their staff members is an abnormal state of work attitude (a). Even though, work ethic is defined by a number of definitions but organizations generally debate on work ethics in the expression of employee hard work, the way of working, time punctual and being dependable. The work ethics are mainly divided into two elements. The first element describes the relationship between employee and job like being on job when required, taking pride as being responsible for work. The second one work ethic explains the staff member personal characteristics such as work responsibility, leadership skills and works honestly. According to (), globalization in business increased rapidly as a result of technology development.

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These new changes and innovations result in unethical employee behaviour. () also notes that reports of unfortunate behaviour are increased. The importance about ethical values in corporation is not successfully provided to employees. () pointed out unethical behaviour in business are noticed worldwide that means it is simply good sense for corporations to grasp seriously the task of institutionalizing ethics in their organizations.

Business success and profit is depended on an organization ethic values. The motive of this study is to analysis and investigate the roots of the unethical behaviour in modern business and issues related with employee behaviour and legal issues and employee working conditions on the work place and encourage the employees to follow the moral values in corporation


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