Topic: CultureTraditions

Last updated: April 19, 2019

In our family, traditions play a big role on how we live our life and it can also bring you and your family closer and strengthen the family bond. To me, the most important tradition that our family does is Chinese New Years. It is used to respect my ancestors and how they guided us here. By examining that why is Chinese New Year is important to me, and how traditions play a role in our lives, it is clear that it is meaningful to you and the people that you share it with.

Chinese New Year is a very important to my culture and the festivals that go along with it. During this year´s new year, I saw lots of my family members that I don’t see very often in an area that we could all talk and chat about what happened in the past year. And I have a lot of relative that I don’t interact with, so I try to introduce myself to them and try to get to know them a bit better. Then, we wait for the food come out that are very special because I usually only see it once or twice a year, and it is very hard to get because all the seafood we eat, we like it fresh, not frozen. So sometimes we have to go out of state into New York to find these exotic fish, crustaceans, etc. It shows how important that this family tradition that has been passed down from hundreds of years ago. This gives you an idea that how much family matters in my culture, and how it affects everyone else around me. The effort to bring this much people into an area and have a party is usually once a year, with all of the different food laid out to eat, it makes it a great tradition to have and pass it down and thank the people before us that helped us to be where we are. It gives me a understanding why this tradition is so important to all of our family members and how it affects my life.

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