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Last updated: March 2, 2019

In our everyday society there is no doubt that there are many successful business leaders.

One successful leader to admire in Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is appreciable because he became one of the greatest business men in history. The following is going to examine Jeff Bezos’ biography, the importance of leaders and why I personally admire Bezos.Jeff Bezos is an american entrepreneur who is the founder and chief executive officer of and recently became the owner of ‘The Washington Post’.

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These successful business ventures allowed him to become one of the of the world’s richest people. As a teenager, he and his family moved to Miami, where his love for computers emerged and graduated valedictorian of his high school. He followed his interest in computers at Princeton University, where in 1986, he graduated in a degree in computer science and electrical engineering.

After graduation, he worked on Wall Street at firm’s including Fitel, Bankers Trust and D.E.Shaw. He became the company’s youngest vice president in 1990. Four years later, he chose to make a risky move and quit his job to open an online bookstore, known today as Amazon.

com. Three core characteristics that make up Jeff Bezos are that he is a realist, a risk taker and highly competitive. (https://www. It is said that one of the most important traits in being a successful entrepreneur is being a realist. This man is considered a realist because he thinks and compares all the possibilities and probabilities (***).

Even before launching Amazon, he has came to term with the fact that his venture may fail and that his investments may decrease. He has a habit of thinking practically and strongly refrains from acting on instinct. (***). It is also said that he is a risk taker. As mentioned previously, Bezos took a risk and decided to quit his job to launch Amazon. It is a known fact that someone who has a secure job does not automatically quit to become an entrepreneur, if he doesn’t possess the trait of risk taking. (***). It is also said that he is highly competitive.

He aims at eliminating the competition rather than craving it. This is shown when Amazon’s main competitor at the time dropped their prices dramatically to completely eliminate the competition but sooner or later the rival company collapsed. As usual, Bezos came out as a winner.Leadership in a business is very important. In businesses, leaders help to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals.

( Maximising efficiency is done by initiating actions, motivation and creating confidence in the workplace. In order to initiate actions, a leader is a person who communicated policies and plans to the subordinated where the works begins.

Motivation is also key in leadership because it motivates employees with rewards that are both economic and non-economic and thus theyts the work from their subordinates.(&&&) Lastly, creating confidence in the workplace is also an important component of leadership. This confidence is achieved through expressing efforts to the subordinates, explaining them their role and providing them guidelines to achieve the goals. Creating confidence in the workplace also includes taking the time to hear the employees’ complaints and problems. (;;;) Achieving organizational goals a key component. It is said by Jeff Bezos himself that “


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