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Last updated: February 14, 2019

In Orisha a place where Magic has disappeared and people who used to have magical abilities get despised, Zélie a 16 – year old girl was chosen by the gods to bring the magic back to the diviners by performing a holy ritual. At the fish market she meets Amari, the daughter of king Saran who fears and hates magic, but Amari is against the moral and the doings of her father.

Together with Zélie’s brother Tzain they search for the sunstone who’s a holy artefact needed for the ritual. For performing the ritual, they must be on a specific holy island, where the ritual is supposed to be performed. on the way to this island, they get haunted by Amari’s brother Inan who develops magical powers during the book himself. With his magic he accidentally kills admiral Kaea, his father’s lover. Inan meets the group and unexpectedly grows close to Zélie while Tzain and Amari also catch feelings for each other. They spend some time with a group of diviners, they have met on their way to the island, but they are attacked by the king’s army and Inan gets taken away from the group by his father. In the final of the book Inan takes Zélie’s and Tzain’s father hostage and forces Zélie to destroy one of the holy artefacts needed for the ritual.

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Their father dies, as he tries to protect Zélie, and so does Inan as the king discovers his magical powers and kills him, because now he knows that Inan was the one who killed Kaea. As a reaction, Amari then kills her father and Zélie tries to perform the ritual without the scroll.


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