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Last updated: February 25, 2019

In order to market its products, OnePlus makes use of the methodology of Lean Startup which is Build, Measure and Learn. Unlike its other competitors who make use of the traditional strategies of advertising its products, OnePlus decided to cut its advertising costs to make its products available to its customers at a comparatively lower cost. The various promotional mix that are used by OnePlus are:• Personal Selling.Invite Strategy – This strategy created a buzz among the customers. On every launch of its new products, OnePlus would throw a launch party where the employees, associates and various other invitees would come and unbox its product.

This resulted in people to people promotions which allowed various other people to engage with its products. Thus, it helped the company to set up its customer base.Word of Mouth- Initially, when OnePlus was all set to launch its very first product OnePlus One, it made use of one of the most common and difficult mode of marketing which is “Word of Mouth” to position its product in the minds of the consumers. In this technology-driven world where data speaks volumes and social media remains the king of advertising but the efforts made by OnePlus to generate its popularity by targeting and re-targeting its product to consumers by user-generated reviews was unmatchable.• Public Relations.Screenings of the product in theatres- On the launch of its latest product Oneplus 5, the company had live screenings of this product across theatres in all the metropolitan cities. It provided offers to its fans to purchase tickets worth Rs.

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99 on BookMyShow, to get a chance to participate in the big reveal.• Advertising.• Television Advertisements- Oneplus revealed the ad of OnePlus 5 during the most expected India Pakistan cricket match. They spent a huge amount of money in this advertisement but they were certain that they had managed to grab a whole lot of attention to the product.• Sales Promotion:Oneplus made a sales promotion to the customers related to the buy-one-get-one offer ,but not exactly but they started sales promotion if people buy oneplus 6T they will get free wireless bullets and also offered the amazon coupons for the customers who buy the 6t will get free voucher worth rupees.• Direct Marketing:With the One plus 5 the company started this direct marketing element by sending messages to the customers and short adds on the mobile screen and direct physical mail to the customers about the product.


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