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Last updated: September 28, 2019

In my current job role, I need to hold a level 3 qualification in childcare, have basic food hygiene and first aid. Some personal attributes I feel I hold also are that I am caring, patient and have a desire for learning. I am always looking to better myself in anyway and am always willing to go on training to keep me up to date on anything needed for my job role. I also feel I am consistent, fair and have a sense of responsibility. I work to make sure all children receive the highest standard of care within the nursery.

I also fell I have positive working relationships with staff, parents and children. As a keyworker I provide professional and relevant feedback to parents/carers about their child, and ensure records of development (FPP’s) are accurately maintained. During team meetings, I discuss with staff the planning so that it is in place and maintains the required standards.

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I help to ensure all children are kept safe and follow safeguarding procedures when needed. I also maintain highly professional working relationships with other professionals such as health visitors, social workers and teachers. All staff undertake a responsibility for health, safety and cleanliness within the nursery and are aware of all emergency procedures. I am also responsible for obtaining feedback from parents/carers by giving out questionnaires six weeks into their time at the nursery and another one six weeks before they leave the nursery. This information is then collected for our evidence file and also put on our feedback wall outside the nursery for all other service users to see.


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