Topic: Environment

Last updated: February 23, 2019

In my child care setting, I work hard to provide all children with a safe and healthy learning environment.

I research and follow strict standards available from the state related to preventing and reducing injury and illness, helping children feel safe and creating an enriching learning environment. My goal is to set up and maintain an environment that reduces the risk of injury to children. Because children lack the judgment to avoid hazards and because children learn by doing and interacting closely with others and their environment, injury can happen frequently in a child care setting.

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My goal in the area of health is to prevent the spread of illness, keep the environment as clean as possible. In group care, it can sometimes be hard to control the spread of germs and disease, so I follow proper hand washing, sanitation,and food preparation guidelines at all times. I also follow my center’s sick policy by informing families about communicable diseases, observing children closely, and sending sick children home right away.


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