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Last updated: November 18, 2019

In most comparisons, it’s difficult to answer which is a better product or service over the other, and sometimes the answer could be obvious but, in this case, it really does depend on what you’re looking for in a processor. Which is better AMD or Intel, can be drawn up as a matter of opinion and what specific needs you have from a personal or business perspective. Intel does offer better single core performance, but it’s marginal and something you won’t see a lot of difference from, but it’s worth mentioning. The question of is Intel is better than AMD would have been an easy answer a couple of years ago, but AMD has slowly closed the performance gap to be a competing force in the processor manufacturing world.
If this were solely based from a cost perspective, then AMD has historically been with lower price points, but not to say if you’re on a budget that you won’t get performance out of AMD’s processors. AMD’s processors are by no means slow compared to Intel’s CPU’s and can handle business demands with ease. Intel does have a bigger position on the market and has always been the more popular choice among consumers. In my opinion, AMD provides solid processors at a lower price point with almost the same performance as Intel processors. AMD processors would meet my business needs, but perhaps not exceed expectations, and on the other hand, Intel’s processor would most likely meet and exceed expectations and performance.
So, the question remains, which is better AMD or Intel? Well, if you’re looking for a processor that can meet your needs and comparable to Intel with a lower cost value, then AMD is your choice. If you’re looking for above average performance and willing to pay more for it, then Intel would be your choice. It really comes down to personal preference and specific needs in what you’re wanting out of a processor to handle, and what performance you expect to have.


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