Topic: History

Last updated: August 30, 2019

In medieval times of history, when a man reoccur loss because of wrongdoing, he himself needs to take initiatives for seeking justice and justice was accomplished through retaliation and furthermore the justice was guided by the principle of an eye for an eye. That time the wrongdoer was punished with equivalent amount of hurt caused to victim and he needs to pay compensation equal to the harm caused against the victim. At that time justice was only based on compensation grounds and punishment was only in form of compensation in other words wrong-doer only need to repay exploited people a similar property or damage caused to him in a similar frame. In basic words if a man is observed to be liable of stolen horse of somebody, at that point he needs to return horse to the same individual.

In early ages justice framework rotated around the criminal not the state. Victims of crime are exclusively need to look for justice and criminal or wrongdoers whenever found liable for harm they need to pay for it and there was not job of state in compensation. The victims who put the law in motion are generally the overlooked individuals in the criminal justice delivery framework. His contribution stays at the fringe of the criminal justice system as the initiator of the prosecution and witness of prosecution depends on desire of state. He is neither member in the procedure propelled against the offender nor a managing component in any phase of the prosecution. There has been gross disregard of the victim need and interest. Also he is made to suffer not just in the hand of charged and their partners however on account of indictment organizations.

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The law even does not bear the cost of him any method for pay or reparation for the damage endured but to a restricted degree.


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