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Last updated: April 20, 2019

In Mathematics, Ratio is a comparison of 2 numbers or more which shows their sizes, it can be a way of comparing numbers by division.

Ratio is use in various occasions in our everyday lives for examples 40 miles per day the word per always indicates a Ratio or like the amount you pay per a copybook.or 3 students per line. Ratios are often used to compare values, they show how things are usually compared to one another, for examples ratios can often be used to compare the number of baby girls and baby boys born in one week. Ratios are also daily used for cooks in trying a new recipe, like if you’re trying a new cookie recipe and you’re trying to measure the amount of flower and water in one and flip the quantities to figure out which one fits you more. You can also use it if youre a business man and you’re trying to figure out the amount of profit coming per year.Ratios are often used in our daily life like me, whether you use it in dividing money or in your kitchen trying o figure out a new recipe to cook for your family.Ratios helps us compare things like 10 finger per 2 hands {10:2} these comparisons help us make judgments wisely somehow, however you’ll have to simplify ratios so that it becomes easier to scale and compare. You’ll hear the word ratios a lot in your daily life ( kitchen, company, factory, etc ).

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Ratios can also be used in sports, we use ratios in sports to describe for example goals per 1 match or how many yards taken per one match. The movie “Moneyball’ starring Brad Pitt, is also a very great example of how coaches and player use ratios.I think that also makeup can be in that category also,my experiment is comparing how many times how many times you dip the brush In foundation, eye shadow or even blusher, comparing the outcome with 2:3 brush dipping in all types o makeup and comparing which one looks better.


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