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Last updated: February 12, 2020

In Lippmann’s article, “The Indispensable Opposition,” he wants to protest how society has failed to support the political freedoms of America. This being the freedom of speech given to the people by the 1st Amendment. He makes this clear by expressing his tone of frustration throughout the article. He uses rhetorical strategies such as diction and ethical appeals to capture his audience in a way that allures them to agree with his ideas.
One of Lippmann’s many diction choices to set the tone for his protest is the way he depicts liberty as,”the best that can be said for liberty of opinion, that a man must tolerate his opponents…”(Lippmann 21). This way the man not just deals with his opponents, but tolerates them, expresses to the reader how vital it is for the freedom of the speech is given as a luxury, not a just a simple handed freedom. To show how one must tolerate the other’s motives and thoughts gives the reader insight as to how essential the freedom of speech given to one person allows him to be a free American. Lippmann also stated how the society is “magnanimous,noble, and unselfish”. This gives some insight to the reader, and the society that they’re in, that Lippmann portrays the people to be generous to those that live amongst them. This in turn appeals to the people, showing how he trusts the people in society are concerned with the freedoms they are given.
With Lippmann’s use of diction and ethical appeals stated in this article, it shows how Lippmann truly advocates the importance as to how the american society doesn’t fully realize the liberties their given. By appealing to the audience, he wants to imply the importance the people have on the liberties that they believe was so easily handed to them.


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