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Last updated: April 3, 2019

In “Just One More Game…: Angry Birds, Farmville, and Other Hyperaddictive Stupid Games,” Sam Anderson (what he does)starts the essay be referring back to 1989 to when Nintendo first released its new product called Game Boy and released it to America.

After two decades after the company released the product into America, a new device was released to the public, and it was the smartphones. This was the start of a new revolution in gaming, everyone was starting to acquire a smartphone and this made it easier for people to play games on the go. “The offsprings of tetris colonized our pockets and our brains and shifted their entire economic model of the gaming industry” (Anderson 106). A number of people can agree that instead of tetris they play multiple numbers of other games, and one of them is Angry Birds.

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The writer also refers back to the early and late 1900s about games that were released at key points of the age. One was a game called Monopoly. The primary goal of the game was make the opponent lose money and eventually lose the game. The ironic part of the game was that it was released during The Great Depression. In the 1950s another game was released to the public that was suppose to represent the Cold War. Another new game called Twister was released in the 60s that was meant to be an intimate game with his or her partner. This is why experts say that is why the game was released during the sexual revolution.

In 2009 a new game was introduced into the gaming community, and this game was called Angry Birds. The game became one of the most downloaded application on a smartphone. Anderson states in the article that everyone has In the article Anderson writes about McGonigal. She is a game designer who promotes people to play games because she thinks that when people play games it is the best experience a person can have. She concluded that if people play games on a daily basis, people’s lives would be better. She also explains that people can tackle challenges with creativity, optimism, determination, and people would want to reach out to other people that are playing the same game as he or she is. Jane has also said “We might even use these approaches to help solve real-world problems like obesity, education and government abuse”(). The author also writes about another game designer, his name is Lantz.

As for a nightmare of addiction to the aspect of stupid games. But “Lantz was undisturbed by the dark side of stupid games”(Anderson 109). But Lantz explains “that games are not evil, it is just a part of today’s culture”(109). Lantz said that people that play games are “more self-aware, conscious of your habits, weaknesses, desires, and strengths”(109). Gaming can help people, if people can apply it to their daily lives, it can it as change it as a whole.


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