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Last updated: March 29, 2019

In Ireland and across the globe cannabis has been “demonised because of a history of prohibition, lies and mis-education” legalisation in Ireland is inevitable. He contrasted the drug’s treatment in law with that of alcohol: “Alcohol and cannabis: one of these kills how many people a year; the other, no one has ever overdosed on in the history of mankind. As well as this synthetic drugs have been an upcoming constant threat in the Irish drug scene since the mid-late 2000s. Different versions of laboratory-created drugs are being created to mimic the effects of streets drugs. If the government controlled the production and distribution of drugs it would prevent consumers buying more dangerous chemically made synthetic drugs. One reason that synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous is that the buyers/consumers do not know where their drugs are coming from and how they have been produced. Individual products can contain a vast range of different chemical formulations and potencies, some of which can be two to 500 times stronger than the likes of THC (the psychotropic component of cannabis).


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