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Last updated: April 27, 2019

In Greek Mythology, the entire formation behind the idea of women was to be punished and take the blame for the wrongdoing of men. Because Prometheus released evil into the world, Zeus made a woman by the name of Pandora who was beautiful on the outside, however on the inside she was full of chaos. In her own story, Pandora was punished with curiosity filling her up despite the fact that Prometheus started the conflict when he started the fire. Pandora was the only one declared responsible as she let disease take over man while Prometheus was solely punished. Pandora was made to punish man for Prometheus’s wrongdoing, which then she can be portrayed as the villian when in fact she was the victim because she had no say in how she was made or what type of attributes she will bring among herself. Another example of Women being punished was in Perseus.

Danae, the daughter of Acrisius, was locked up in a tower because an Oracle told Acrisius that his own grandson was predestined to kill him. His thirst for power caused him to confine Danae as he feared he would lose his throne. However, Zeus came down from golden rain and impregnated Danae, but she was punished for this act as she and her son were thrown into the sea. These women were being used as pawns and penalized for a mans solely purpose.

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