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In Erikson’s system, ego identity has two aspects:• The person’s acceptance of him/herself and his/her place in the continuity of time.• The person’s recognition of and identification with the ideals and essential pattern of his/her culture; this includes sharing some kind of essential character with others.The following are Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development.1) Trust vs. Mistrust – Infancy (Birth – about 2 years)2) Autonomy vs. Shame and doubt – Early childhood (2 yrs. – 3 yrs.

)3) Initiative vs. Guilt – Fourth to fifth year4) Industry vs. Inferiority – Sixth year to onset of puberty5) Identity vs. Role confusion (diffusion) – Adolescence6) Intimacy vs.

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Isolation – Young adulthood7) Generativity vs. Stagnation – Adulthood8) Integrity vs. Despair – Old ageErikson focus on social emotional concerns of a child development thought out their life.


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