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Last updated: April 18, 2019

In developing nations, many citizens are buying their own car for the first time. The main problem associated with this is increased congestion on roads and the solution is to improve the public transport systems. This essay will discuss these in detail.

Traffic congestion is one of the main issues in developing countries where the number of cars on the roads are increasing day by day. However, the roads are not expanding and there is not enough space for all the vehicles to move freely.This results in hours of traffic congestion and many people are forced to stay on roads for a long time before they could reach their destination.Many of them have to spend their quality time on roads without doing anything productive.For example, a recent survey conducted by Times of India in 2018 revealed that cars are crawling at an average speed of less than 20 kph on main cities such as Mumbai , Chennai and Delhi due to increased cars on road and people , on average, have to spend an extra hour in traffic on a daily basis.

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The prime solution for this issue is to improve the infrastructure and promote public transportation.In Many developing countries, the public transportation is not adequate for the pubic and is not up to the standard. Therefore many people refuse to travel on public buses and trains.If the public transportation system is convenient and affordable to the citizens in developing nations, they will utilise it as their daily commute.As a result , the number of private cars on road will decrease and would avoid congestion.

For instance , recent research conducte


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