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Last updated: November 30, 2019

In December 2004, Leigh Anne and Sean were officially legal guardians of Michael Oher. . The author Lewis quotes “Leigh Anne did everything two months before it needed to be done, and her Christmas card was no exception. She snapped the portrait of her three perfect children in October, and sent it out to several hundred friends and distant relatives, without it ever occurring to her that most of the recipients would have no idea about the strange new addition to the family. A few weeks later, the phone rang late one night.

It was a North Carolina cousin. ‘All right,’ he blurted into the phone. ‘I’ve just had my fifth beer. Who the hell is this black kid in y’all’s Christmas card?” (147). This quote shows that Leigh Anne thinks it’s perfectly normal for Michael to be included in the family Christmas card. It shows how strongly they all felt that Michael Oher was truly a part of the family.

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It shows the bond that has formed between Michael Oher and Tuohy’s family members. It shows the love and affection the Tuohy family shares. It shows how strong a family can be, even when they’re not related by blood. And for Michael Oher, this family was the strongest thing he had ever known. This shows Tuohy’s family’s kindness and generosity towards Michael was exceptional.


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