Topic: Family, Life & ExperiencesEmotions

Last updated: March 23, 2019

In counselling it is crucial to avoid why form questions because it may likely bring up psychological explanations instead of engaging the client to disclosure what is occurring how they feel within them. Why type questions most commonly refer to justifying or simple answers instead of detailed information that is beneficial and it also makes the client feel pressured to explain how they feel or have to say something that is a socially acceptable answer. Asking questions like what, how and when are commonly more constructive because it targets more on feelings and emotions. It is important that the client doesn’t feel interrogated and feel distress because it wont enable the client to open up and communicate with the counsellor but it instead it makes the client withhold and will lack in communicating with the therapist.

The counsellor has to limit the why type questions throughout the session and instead make the client feel encouraging to explain what the problem is and how to solve the issues.

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