In conclusion, as the media should be connecting sections of society as they investigate policies and developmental issues. As Slattery stated (2016), “professionalism is the way of being trustworthy, fair, and not hurtful and focus on the good of others, not themselves.”
To keep a moral and ethical perspective a person should have the discipline of knowing what is right and wrong. As the media compete with their colleagues in the industry on being the first to have the information of an event, they still need to uphold moral values. Furthermore, the media will continue for years to come, but viewers must also use ethical virtues when listening or watching the media. “Our personality traits, value systems, work environment, and levels of moral development and skills all collude to shape our motives and abilities for moral action.”

In conclusion, both theories of realism and constructivism aim to explain the causes of conflicts between and within states in the globalised arena of international relations. The former theory relies on the ‘struggle for power’ assumption, while the latter focuses on the ‘centrality of identity’. Realism explains the Syrian conflict as a power struggle between different state actors, while constructivism identifies one of the causes of the conflict as the increasing rivalry between minority groups within Syria and the prevention of a unified Syrian identity. On their own, each theory is limited in its explanatory capability. It can therefore be argued that the complexity of the Syrian conflict requires both theories to be utilised to comprehensively understand the crux of dynamics of the conflict. This is crucially important especially with regards to the involvement of politically unique actors such as ISIS. ?Therefor, a careful and deep critical analysis of this conflict, one of the worst of our times, is required to provide politicians with a sound understanding to better guide policy making.


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