In addition, career development system training should be implemented to establish a career management system in terms of both having the organization career management system and individual career management system. Organizations should establish a career path for employees and make a specialist tailor-made program in view of their talents and personality to meet the needs of the work. It can also help employees to raise the level of performance and reach the peak of their career.
In terms of organization growth, providing training development is also crucial especially for experienced employees, which involves developing supervisory skills such as motivating employee performance, improving communication skills, delegating work assignments, and problem-solving and decision-making. Providing proper training and opportunity to learn new skills, and develop their competencies can make employees committed to the organizations and interested in continuing their career in the organization. Leader development training initiated by Honda Motors Co., Ltd, which is called The Honda Executive Advanced Development School is contributable to grow committed employee. This is the Leadership Development Training program designed to strengthen their abilities to manage better beyond the limits of regions and operations, which can help those who are chosen to join this program have high motivation and loyalty.
Salas and Stagl (2009) claimed that new technology, assessment tools, and instructional experience should be implemented in order to foster better training. Thirteen percent of employers report struggling to develop employee skills at the workplace, with web-based training and virtual classroom training (17%) often not meeting employer expectations (IBM, 2008).
Therefore, it is important to integrate stages of training by including instructional learning, training in the use of new technologies, and post-training development. Organizations should ensure employees know how to do their jobs effectively with the most up-to-date training tools and resources.
In order to make the employee’s expectation and satisfaction, the organization should analyze and identify the needs and target employees at all levels in the organization. It is also necessary to take the process of post-evaluation for training to make the use of a result for better improvement.

It is convinced that providing proper training and opportunity to grow and develop job and career enhancing skills is a key element to minimize employee turnover because employees will feel valued, motivated and committed to the organization. They will be productive and effective. As a result, they will support in the severe business environment.

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