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In addition, job control is the objective permissions of control, which itself can be handle the stress effectively if the individual makes a subjective assessment of personal capacity to exercise that control (Schaubroeck & Merritt, 1997). Higher job control and self-efficacy situations maybe optimal. Job control is favourable to provide confident and opportunity for individual to look for constructive feedback (Litt, 1988).

When provides selections between more or less job control, they prefer more control, as they enables to reduce emotional dissonance.Job control has been directly and positively related to job performance (Greenberger, Strasser, Cummings and Dunham, 1989) and it has been found to medium the effects of other variables on performance (Orpen, 1994). Low control jobs may be particularly suitable for the effective provision of supervisory support and support from co-workers. When personal control is perceived to be low, the worker can be expected to look to others (co-workers and the supervisor) to assist in ensuring effective performance. Perceived control at work always studied the job characteristic. This concept may be described as the employees’ perception of their power to choose among choices of work. Perceived control can be understood in relation to the research tradition of autonomy or refer to degree to how the individuals can control when doing their work (Hackman ; Oldham, 1980).

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Besides, Spector (1986) stated that higher perceived control, higher levels of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, participation, and the employees’ well-being (Fletcher & Jones, 1993; Karasek, 1979).


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