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Last updated: February 15, 2019

In a project environment setting, a project team is a purposive form and comprises of dissimilar team magnitudes, compositions and requirements to attain its anticipated goals within certain supplies and time limits (Project Management Institute, 2008). Distinct from teams with ongoing projects, team trust, team solidity, team contentment and team efficiency are hard to form owing to short-term nature of the project team in a multi-ethnical and multi-cultural. In another study by Tuckman (Tuckman Bruce W, 1965) he points out four stages undergone by a team so as to reach a high performance. These are:
(i) Forming stage: this stage involves team members getting to know each other and forming relationships. During this stage there is a mixture of emotions, some are anxious while others are excited about the task ahead.
(ii) Storming stage: this is the most challenging phase. The team experiences clashes of personality. Team members question a number of things concerning the project in this phase and if this is not managed properly, project survival might be at risk.
(iii) Norming stage: team members develop a feel of fitting in as they bring to the surface the best from each other taking into account their strengths and have mutual respect. There is often a prolonged overlap between storming and norming, as new tasks come up, the team may lapse back into behavior from the storming stage.
(iv) Performing stage: set objectives are accomplished as a result of hard work with no hostility due to process and structures put in place.


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