Topic: History

Last updated: March 17, 2019

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln decided to end slavery and it is called “Emancipation Proclamation”. Lincoln was a great president because he wanted to use his power to free all the slaves. Based upon these three news articles “Emancipation Proclamation, African Americans in the Civil War, and The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln,” the Civil War started from 1861-1865 between the Southern and the Northern states, but the most important point here is slavery, African American. Slavery was a reason that leads to the war. Before President Abraham Lincoln elected, the South seceded from the Union because they were worried about Lincoln’s attitude toward slavery.

The African American was forced to work and got bullied from white people, they worked without pay. However, during the American Civil War, more than 100,000 African Americans served in the army with many different jobs and they had to deal with racism every day from the white soldiers. According to the Emancipation Proclamation article, “The South seceded from the Union before President Abraham Lincoln assumed office in 1861. Southern leadership was fearful of Lincoln’s attitudes towards the institution of slavery.” It indicates that the South wanted to continue slavery but President did not support, and the North supported the government, so that was the main reason of the war.

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Back then, African Americans did not have any rights to speak or stand up for their race, so they got bullied from the whites and forced to work, therefore, President Abraham Lincoln used slavery as his main point during the election.


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