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Last updated: March 31, 2019

In 1570, Elizabeth I was on the hook. She had been excommunicated by the Pope, and her nation was disregarded by the rest of Europe. To dodge destroy, Britain required allies. The queen looked for help from the Islamic world.

Philip he inquired for a marriage union with Elizabeth, after the passing of Mary because he disposed to take Britain beneath his rule. Elizabeth did not answer in a proper way and was considering other suitors. philip eventually gave up on the idea and elizabeth finally became his enemy when english ships plundered spanish ships coming back from the new world and also attacked a spanish port.

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With the geographical discoveries other nations desired to go beyond the dominion of the Ottoman Empire and hoped to weakening the Ottoman’s might by tending to new trade routes. in return the empire tried to maintain its dominance on existingly trade routes by increasing the number of states in which commercial agreements known as capitulations. The fact that theroutes at issue did not lose its significance is an indication of the success of this policy.


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