Topic: BusinessManagement

Last updated: March 19, 2019

Improving Diversity Recruiting Efforts:To improve the diversity recruiting efforts there are few steps which are discussed as below:• Amend Origin: i.e. basically amend the sources, as if the end results regarding the candidate pool are not desirable in accordance to the organization’s goal then amend the channels through which the companies are gathering the pool. Use new techniques in attracting the desirable candidates for e.g. increase the use of internet portals, advertise the jobs on portals where there is large number of minorities or women and showing up in career fairs more often and build up relationships with professors, student’s societies and career development teams.

• Mitigate the biasness: As biasness is a phenomena which can take place either intentionally or unintentionally, as companies giving privilege to university degrees or cast or religion so the companies should use such programs and software which minimize the biasness in the process of recruiting even in the other process like appraisal and performance management.• Analyse the company Image: as if the company is provide diverse products and services and they are targeting diverse demographics then the company should have diverse workforce which can work in accordance the company’s diverse offerings and also can improve the good will of the company.• Revise the interview Process: it is important to update the recruiting processes as to find out right match for the organization so as for the job position. To do so, it is necessary to do interviews with the good blend of pressure tests but also making the candidates feel comfortable to find out the insights and also their abilities to stand with the stress situation.

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