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Last updated: May 27, 2019

Importance of ProgrammingNameInstitutionCourseDateAs we all know the power of knowledge and how it can transform the world tremendously, so does programming and its related activities. “For a programmer to be good, he always considers looking both sides of the way before crossing over in a street”. Programming is a process of building and designing computer programs which are executable and necessary for accomplishing specific tasks (Bebbington, S.

2014). Computer tasks involved in programming include algorithm generation, analysis, algorithm profiling and implementation done in a program language among other s. A program has a source code written in a programming language. Purposely, programming aims at finding a series of instructions to be used in automating task performance and solving problems. To begin with, learning programming enables the learner to improve his/her literacy skills in computer and be able to answer “why” questions (Bagley, C. A., & Chou, C.

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C. 2007). Learners become familiar with computer knowledge and operate large files and big-scale complicated software projects. Programming enables a programmer to work freely with a clear mindset, generate useful and interesting things and better understand and appreciate them. It is good to learn programming because it creates a clear understanding of why and how computer systems exists (systems knowledge). Learners can set real expectations and limit themselves to maximise fully the use of computers and the expertise they have to achieve a desired result.Secondly, as mentioned by Bagley & Chou (2007), learning programming provides a platform of creativity especially in entertainment and when solving problems. Programming has led to the development of video games, animations and graphics which may be used to cultivate new business ideas or to offer solutions to specific problems.

Learning programming especially on right platform (one that engages the learner, well placed and structured) builds fluency logically and using the language of programming. Ultimately, programming provides a springboard of creating games and other tasks useful to the learner. Creativity is always a foundation to innovation and programming provides part of developing a technical and valuable creative skill that will enable the learner to thrive in the ever changing digitalised world. Therefore learning programming is a tool for creative thinking and problem solving in our generation.In conclusion, learning programming provides interactive education and defines the future.

Web development allows interactive applications and system resources can be accessed easily through it (Van-Roy, P., & Haridi, S. 2004). Distance-learning has been made easier through the use of these applications and several institutions of learning use online learning techniques developed through programming.

Computer programming defines the future in that various principles used today will probably impact how technologies such as artificial intelligence and voice recognition may change tomorrow and its application to our daily routines. For instance, there is an ongoing trend of automating internet purchases and searches locally. While hardware podiums developed will be of great importance, at the middle of it will be computer technology and programming systems in the future is going to be a crucial aspect.

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