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Last updated: March 21, 2019

Importance of Personal Protection EquipmentPersonal Protection Equipment plays a major role in the healthcare workplace all over the world. PPE is important, but it is only an extra form of protection when other hazards cannot be controlled. There is a wide range of Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment, from articles of clothing to face masks and shields. It is widely used to prevent injuries or any type of harm employees might face while in the workplace.

Employees are held accountable for taking the proper precautions and donning Personal Protection equipment when necessary. Although there are many forms of PPE, three of which are very essential and should be worn properly. They are protection to your eyes, mouth and hands.Sputum discharging from a patient’s mouth could potentially make contact with an employee’s eyes, if he or she is not wearing the proper protection needed to protect the eyes. It is extremely important to have the right protection to protect the eyes from any forms of harm that could be dangerous to the eyes. There are several types of eye protection, some of which include, safety glasses, safety goggles and face shields.

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Since there are a lot of potential dangers to a person’s eyes. It is very important to ensure the correct and proper protection is used. It is also important to follow any safety steps that are provided to an employee while on the job.


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