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Ladybugs, conjointly referred to as girl beetles or ladybug beetles, are a really useful cluster. They are natural enemies of the many insects, particularly aphids and different sap feeders. One girl beetle might eat as several as five thousand aphids in its life. Several species of girl beetles are gift in Bluegrass State and that they are common in most habitats.

Adult girl beetles have terribly characteristic planoconvex, subfigure to oval formed bodies that may be yellow, pink, orange, red, or black, and typically square measure marked with distinct spots. This is often a sort of protective coloration to discourage different animals which will try and eat them. Like several different brightly-colored insects, they are protected by associate odorous, corrupting fluid that seeps out of their joints once the insects square measure disturbed. The brilliant body coloration helps some predators to recollect the encounter and avoid offensive insects with similar markings. Adult females sometimes lay clusters of eggs on plants within the neck of the woods of plant louse, scale, or coccid insect colonies.

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Ladybird beetles eggs
The alligator-like larvae are predators. They are setose and black with bright spots. Although they appear dangerous, girl beetle larvae area unit quite harmless to humans. Once feeding on insect prey for many weeks, the animate being pupates on a leaf. Adults tend to maneuver on once pests get scarce, whereas the larvae stay and look for additional prey.

Some woman beetle species have many generations annually whereas others have only 1. Throughout the summer months, all stages will typically be found at a similar time. Adults of some species pay the winter clustered along in giant teams beneath leaf litter, rocks, or different rubble.

They are typically an integral part of natural plant protection in several croppingsystems. Ladybird beetle beetles don’t go after material. However, there are 2 connected coccinellid species that are plant feeders and are thought-about serious economic pests. These are the Mexican bean beetle and also the squash beetle.

They attack all components of living plants similarly as processed fibers, grains, and wood merchandise. Scavengers and wood boring beetles ar helpful as decomposers and recyclers of organic nutrients.

From orchards to crops, from houseplants to fields of gardens, it is the ladybugs that help control the pest that would otherwise destroy these plants. Ladybugs are used as biological pest management. They protect the garden from the parasitic insects and help reduce the use of harmful pesticides that would be used to eliminate the invading bugs that eat plants.
The blood of ladybug is yellow and has a very strong smell that acts as a repellent to predators. Birds are number one threats to ladybugs. But ladybugs can play dead until the threats from the predators pass.
Hippodamia convergens,
Coccinella Septempunctata,
Coccinella Californica,
Coccinella Triasficata SubversaPsyllobora vigintimaculataHarmonia AxyridisCoccinella trifasciata
 Anatis Mali
Brachiacantha ursina 
Cycloneda Munda


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