Imagine life hitting you so hard that you feel the best way to deal with it is to end it. Well this is something Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher had to deal with. Bullied so bad to the point where she thought the best thing to do is end her life. Hannah’s life was just going so downhill. Only being a sophomore in highschool, life can be hard.
I have chosen to draw a tape for my collage. The reason for this is that in the book Hannah Baker, the main character, had made tapes. On each tape it had a reason why she had committed suicide. The reason I chose to draw a tape with the number 13 on it due to the fact that she did have 13 reasons on why she died. The quote I put on the bottom part ” If you’re listening, you’re too late”. This was put on there because on the cover of the book it says it.
Each tape had a different reason, which unfortunately was a different person on the tapes In these tapes she just told the people listening that they are part of the reason why she killed herself and that they have basically contributed to her killing. These tapes were only allowed to be heard by the people who are on the tapes. So this means that only the 13 people know why she actually died. A quote that stuck out to me was “It’s like whoever wrote this note just wants attention. If they were serious, they would have told us who they were.” (Asher, 9) . The insensitivity shown towards Hannah’s anonymous note about suicide makes it even harder for Hannah to actually open up and talk about it and deal with it. Not only that but it confirms that everyone in her life will just let her down.
You might ask ¿What were the reasons she has died? Well you’re going to have to read the book and find out for yourself


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