Topic: Religion

Last updated: February 27, 2019

I’m short.

Growing up I was always the girl at the front during assembly presentation and when lining up.I always the girl at the front during school pictures and being called cute or being asked to verify my age.In high schools my peers towered over me and for sometimes I began to dwell on my height and long to be taller.But through spoken word poetry I realized that longing to be taller would be similar to not wanting to be me.

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 I could be everything and anything regardless of my height. I had developed  my own platform naturally: my voice and confidence. What mattered was not how short or tall I was, or my race, religion or  sex.

What mattered was not others chose to identify me but how I chose to present and identify myself.Being short despite its many disadvantages helped me discover myself. I could be an astronaut.I could be a doctor.I could be a humanitarian.I could do whatever I put my mind to because my height didn’t have to determine the heights that I wanted to reach.


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