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Last updated: March 12, 2019

If we talk about the bargaining powers the product we manufacture if we have a lot of supplies we have the choice of picking up the supplier agreeing for a specific price structure. But if we have only few suppliers, It will be directly the opposite way. In that case they can demand and give their own price structures and if we don’t agree with it they can just drop us off and choose another one.
If you have a really transparent customers and if they know how much they should pay for your product then you will have no power to handle the consumers the way you expect. But if your product is very unique and people does not find the same product in different brands, the power you have towards customers are very high.
If we talk about KIST, They have their own farms for the agri foods manufacturing process. This is actually a major plus point to Cargills KIST as they don’t have to take up the pressure of the bargaining power the suppliers for the Agri Foods.
When it comes to the power of customers, KIST has some unique products like


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