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Last updated: January 26, 2019

If the repeated word or phrase comes at the end of lines, sentences or paragraphs we have a type of repetition that is called epiphora. The research we have carried out has revealed that epiphora, though not as widely used as anaphora, still remains one of the frequently used stylistic devices in the English language that make the speech more powerful and impressive.If the last word or phrase of one part of an utterance is repeated at the beginning of the next part, thus hooking the two parts together, this compositional pattern is called anadiplosis. The analysis of the speeches we have carried out has revealed that anadiplosis is another widely used device which also has a strong impact on the listeners in both languages. This device also helps politicians make their speech more effective.

Synonymic repetition is a peculiar type of repetition consisting in the use of synonymous means to express the same idea. The words repeated are not necessarily synonyms, but become such in the context. Enumeration is another expressive means which consists in naming over various qualities or recounting different objects or actions with the purpose of giving a many-sided artistic characterization to the phenomenon described. The words enumerated are homogeneous parts of a sentence. All the speeches we have analyzed in both languages, are characterized by the use of enumeration.

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Enumeration makes the speech more impressive and helps the politicians to stress the exact part of the speech.


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