If everyone on the planet lived the same lifestyle as I do, we would need 2.5 planets and to support my lifestyle, it takes 4.4 global hectares of the Earths productive area. (World Wildlife Fund Australia, 2014) My ecological footprint was made up of food (30%), shelter (22%), mobility (5%), goods (21%) and services (23%). I currently live and rent in a free standing house. I easily spend over R500 a month on electricity due to a family of six living in the household. Just under half of my light fittings are energy efficient and five percent or less of my electricity comes from renewable sources. I drive far distances each week (between 270km to 410km per week and am rarely the only person in the car (three kids as passengers). I rarely ride any bike or walk to destinations; I never catch public transport and spend little time in air travel (0 to 4 hours per year). I was surprised at the impact of my diet, as I don’t eat meat. I do, however consume a pescatarian diet including fish (consumed once or twice a week) and animal products (consumed almost every day). Living in a high income country enables an abundant diet of processed, pre-packaged and non-local foods which accounts for about three quarters of my diet. The ongoing and to accelerating process of globalisation makes it easy for myself to engage in an abundance of goods and services. I often buy new clothes, toys, paper based products and other packaged items for myself and three children but rarely buy new appliances or electrical equipment (unless I need to replace something)


I'm Piter!

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