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Last updated: September 13, 2019

If communication needs of the individual are not met, their daily life can be affected, they won’t be able to tell anyone if something is wrong, like if they are need assistance, is thirsty or feeling sick, and so on. And it can affect them in an even more severe way if they for example are being abused, and they won’t be able to tell or ask for help. If we were to stop them from expressing their own rights and opinions we would then be depriving the individual of their human right.Meeting communication needs of individuals is important because it is a way for the person to express themselves, develop relationships be it professional or personal. Meeting communication needs can be seen as duty of care when we meet the communication needs of people we will be able to encourage choice, promote independence and promote dignity.The way an individual communicates is their choice it is important to respect this, as it is the individual’s human right to do this, meeting each individual’s specific communication needs is to make sure that they receive all the help and support needCommunication needs can be met in a variety of ways a individual may choose to use sign language or writing what they would like on to paper.


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