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Last updated: April 9, 2019

Identify the components of a positive culture within your own teamA positive workplace culture is absolutely central to quality care and support, which is why recognising and understanding the elements of culture is so important.It will promote every employer to make certain that their workforce can identify the positive aspects of a workplace culture and understand the impact it can have upon performance and outcomes.Good leadership will promote positive culture from employees; a negative culture will check the atmosphere and result in more employees calling in sick, feeling miserable and lacking in interest and eventually some handing in their letters of resignation.

As a unit manager I am be able to create a workforce culture where talented staff are valued and retained. There are 5 components of culture: symbols, language, values, believe and norms. A good leadership promotes positive culture and which is followed by important team meetings and effective communication. Behaviour plays a major role which interacts with society either appropriate or inappropriate. Individuals vary with attitudes and despite being positive or negative, they still should be treated fairly.

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Individual who works within positive workplace cultures are more likely to benefit from a united sense of identity and feelings of belongings this can encourage loyalty to the employer and collaborate team working. There are several ways to build a productive culture at work. I can help myself to do this by looking at my present situation and finding ways to improve the workplace culture by changing people’s attitudes to their job, their environment. I need to identify any defect that is causing negative attitudes such as staff calling in sick, arriving late to work, poor communication etc.

For example: – St Mary Convent and Nursing Home is a mult culture environment, I had a staff that used to work doing home help. Where she came to work at St Mary’s she found that thing are a bit different from the home help environment. I stated encouraging her to learn how to do thing in the nursing home. With the help I gave her and training, she was happy I gave her that support she needed. As a unit manager I must support staff with a positive culture as this will also promote positive outcome for the residents. If staff has a positive leadership it will provide and promote good quality care. As a unit manager I must always makes my staff valued. All staff should be able to support one another so as to develop their weak point and to be able to share their strength.


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