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Last updated: April 10, 2019

identify factors which may place a child at risk of harm or abuse
parental factors
a parent who already have other children
unwanted pregnancy
parent who is been abuse when they were growing up
young mother with low education
parent with few supports
a parent who has mental illness
a parent that is abusing drugs and alcohol
Environmental factors
poverty and lack of opportunity
violence in the house
stress with in the environment
Child factors
Physical or a development disability
Child is a product of a relationship that was abusive
Lack of attachment between the child and parent
Suspicion/ concern of abuse:
Make a note of what exactly what the child said about why they are sad and anything that is noticed by the practitioners within the setting
Talk to the named member of staff for safeguarding, this should have a more importance than anything what they are doing
If there are any other concurs that there are about the child, they need to be recorded as accurately as you can
Listen to the child carefully and remain calm and it is important not to appear shocked in what they are saying
Treat the comments of what the child is say seriously
Avoid making judgments and avoid jumping to conclusions
Do not ask questions that are leading
Reassure that the child has done nothing wrong and they have done the right thing by telling you
Never promises that you will keep a secret
Make sure that all the procedures are followed that the setting has set out


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