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Last updated: November 17, 2019

I would start by requesting an interpreter for the visit. Although her son speaks fluent English, it is best to have an interpreter to clarify any medical terminology and make sure the patient (and family) have a clear understanding of any medical information or diagnoses. Learn – I would ask the patient to explain in detail to the interpreter what her symptoms were. It is crucial to see the patients view on the situation and consider the possible results of different scenarios.

At this point, I want the patient to feel comfortable with me and understand that I want what is best for her. I want to identify how we can come to a conclusion that will help better her health without overstepping any boundaries for her. I want to know more details about the tea that she is using also and why she doesn’t like the pills.

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Is there another option for treatment besides pills? The more data I can get from the patient, the better understanding I will have on how to offer the best quality care. Explain- This is the time where I would explain my comprehension of the information that was depicted to me. I want to make sure that we are all the same page, that all information has been put on the table (issues, concerns, and outcomes), and that any questions are answered. It is critical that the patient and her family understand all medical terms, that she is fully aware of the details about the illness (diabetes), and the steps for treatment that need to be taken. Everyone in the situation wants the best possible outcome for the patient. Acknowledge-It is crucial to recognize and compare the differences and similarities between the patient’s viewpoint and my aspect. This will improve their engagement in their care plan.

Any points of view that are alike need to be identified and any differences need to be dealt with. I want to hear feedback from the patient, after all it is her care plan. Any advice or ideas that patient can offer should be acknowledged.

I think allowing her to offer any solutions will give her a feeling of control and responsibility. All ideas from both the patient and health care professionals should be discussed in detail outlining any positive and negative effects that could arise. Recommend- Next, I want to talk about the patients plan of care. The most important part is making sure that this plan fits the criteria and guidelines set by the patient. The more involved that the patient is with this plan of treatment, the more likely that she will have a better end result. Again, is there another option besides pills? How can we make medication work without making the patient uncomfortable? Negotiate- This is the time to mediate an arrangement with your patient regarding their treatment.

I want to make sure I understand all aspects of my patients point of view of the reasoning behind their plan of care. As a health care professional, it is important to ask open ended questions, allow the patient (and family) to voice any concerns, and just listen (and explain) with respect and empathy.


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