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Last updated: February 15, 2019

I would like to talk about an organisation that advocates for people with disabilities. This organisation is “Community Living Greater Sudbury” (CLGS) which is in Sudbury, Ontario. I thoroughly believe that they advocate for those people with challenged lifestyle.

They foster meaningful life to the people with developmental disabilities (Mission Statement of CLGS). They assist people with intellectual disabilities in their daily life and help them to cope with difficulties. The very first reason why I think they advocate for others is the way they are treating people with dignity, respect and compassion. There are lots of services they are providing to the people with developmental disabilities. For an instance, they are operating three Drop-In centres where people can go during days. Their day centre support services offer many supports to improve the livelihood of people with developmental disabilities.

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Their leisure/recreation components offer a variety of activities, as well as the supports necessary. It enables them to experience new opportunities in life. In addition, it also brings a change in their day and keeps them active.

They also do community care, home-to-home visits for those who wish to live in their own home. They got very dedicated staff which includes Direct Support Professionals as well. They bring the best as they can do for them, DSP’s stands for them who can’t speak up for themselves.

Furthermore, CLGS has been one of the rewarding organisations since many years all over the Ontario for helping people with developmental disabilities. There is an updated website of Community Living Greater Sudbury which provide evidence of all their advocacy work which is incredible. Along with that, there is some quick links which give the idea of upcoming programs they are going to handle and the programs or days which has been celebrated in the past. This organisation is clearly demonstrating the meaning of advocacy by their committed and devoted work. I had encountered the incident in my other course’s community placements.

There was a home in where both PSW and DSW services were given to an individual with several disabilities. The DSW who was working there from CLGS were so polite to the person even when the person with intellectual disabilities was asking for repeated question. He was applying some techniques and skills to make that person quite and calm along with answering the same questions.

He supported that person with dignity and respect and did his assigned work as per routine on timely manner. This organisation really works for the people with developmental disabilities. Because of their hard work and mission, they have been rewarded from several years. They play a vital and significant role in making better life for the people with developmental disabilities. Their mission statement and guiding principle itself support the evidence of advocacy work in the organisation. One who got core competency of advocating for others, this place would be the best to do apply that core competency in job. I think that this organisation would be the best place for betterment of people with developmental disabilities.


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