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Last updated: February 5, 2019

I work up to my God given potential through helping my peers and other citizens of Ocean County.

I help my peers by going over lessons with students who do not understand the material and quizzing my friends before a test. I help the citizens of Ocean County by donating food and clothing to homeless shelters in our County. I am a member of Habitat for Humanity which means I help those who are struggling with housing by making care packages for the new homeowners. I am in a good standing with the administration, faculty, and staff because I always say hello to them when passing by. I never misbehave and always follow the directions that I am told by my teachers. I am a good friend because I help my classmates study for tests and with any emotional issues that they may be facing.

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I love to just talk to my friends if they are going through anything because I want them to know that I am always there for them. Some extracurricular activities that I am a part of include: being a member of National Junior Honor Society, being a member of Habitat for Humanity, being a lector, being a peer leader, being an SJGS friend, just to name a few. Both of my parents work so I help my family by making dinner most days and watching my little sister when we are home to make sure she does her chores and homework.


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