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Last updated: December 9, 2019

I wish to pursue a career in research that involves creative thinking, challenging problems and is also relevant to the industry in particular and society in general. My keen interest in Manufacturing and Design field accompanied by good analytical skills, problem solving capabilities and visualization which are the heart and core of research have prompted me to go in for graduate studies.
My academic record throughout has been outstanding. Apart from being the topper at school level, I participated in many activities like Essay writing competitions, Elocution, Science Talent Tests and won many prizes. However, my interest to explore thw world of science and mathematics, guided me to take MPC (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) at Higher Secondary level. I stood among top 5% in EAMCET,
a state wide common entrance test for aspirants seeking admission in engineering courses. Thereby, gaining admission to the undergraduate course in Electrical and Electronics at the Kakatiya University College of Engineering.


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