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I will be looking at the humble Viking sword’s creation. How they made it, how it changed the outcome of battles in the 19th century, and how they got the idea to make the mighty sword. And what did the sword represent in their time perhaps their states of wealth or the rank or just maybe who they pillaged? Over time the Vikings gained more knowledge to make their swords stronger and easier to make out of higher quality metals instead of lower quality metals. They also improved the way they made the sword and made the Blacksmith trade less time consuming and more effective (more swords were produced). Even though Damascus’s steel (Process used by Vikings to make their steel swords stronger and impervious to breaking, this process is used to this day) was not needed the process continued to the end of the Viking age it is believed that the kept the process for its wonderful look on the sword to show off their wealth and rank in their village. The grips were made with a variety of materials, ranging from simple wooden grips wrapped with leather to elaborately decorated grips wound with wire made from precious metals, or covered with embossed with precious metals.

The sword was intended for thrusting or slashing from a distance, unlike the dagger which is intended for close combat. A sword consists of a long blade attached to a hilt. For more support, because the sword was enough deadly when it was sharp but when the placed a lot of force on the sword it became one of the deadliest weapons.

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Some of the history behind the sword was its main success of the design of The Viking sword. if it had a Fuller it was lot cheaper to make but a lot stronger than most other swords, if you chose a battle in the middle age odds are it wouldn’t have a Fuller because the Viking kept the design as a secret. Some people say that the Viking killing machines and stupid race of people. They were right about one thing, Vikings were killing machines, but they were certainly not stupid people. They looked after their people and made sure that they were happy, well feed and safe. They did not have peasant, but each had their job to do in the village to maintain their life style. Also, being killing machines.

Now let’s talk about one of the many battles in the Viking age, I chose to study on the battle of Maldon is one of the most interesting battles I think personally. It was the summer of 991AD a fleet of 93 long boats were sentOut the south-eastern side of England where they landed to first attack Folkstone where they moved throughout the land searching for plunder. If the people did not surrender they would burn the whole entire village down to the ground. They sailed up the coast towards the Saxons in search of plunder.

They went and tried to attack the city of Maldon but with no luck, they could not enter the city. So, they tried repeatedly. The battle lasted many days in which both sides lost many people they city of Maldon surrendered up and gave the Vikings $10,000 pounds. And so, the battle stopped but the Vikings lost several people in battle and found it hard to bring their ships back home. The Saxon leader was killed during this battle also.So, the Vikings where very good swordsmen and very good at battle, the loved the sword in all its glory.

They fought a lot of battles with swords and won because of there determination to plunder. That’s why they won most of their battles. The golden Area of Vikings is forged in our history and has spawned many myths, including Thor and other super beings.


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