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Last updated: March 13, 2019

I Thought Church of Naturism was my Life’s Purpose and I was RightThere are some things in life which at times were are not sure whether they are right for us or not. This is because at some point we tend to lack the knowledge or a clear defined purpose to why we should undertake them. It thus very important for any human under the sun to always be in a position to fast weight the situation before getting into action. For instance, matters related to nudism has always been of great controversial across the globe for many years. This is because most people do not have the real reason as to why they should practise it, nor do they have a basis as to why it is important to be naked at some point in life.

The church of naturism has existed for centuries now since the creation of the first human on earth, i.e. Adam and his wife Eve.

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Members of this naturism religion have always laid their belief on the facts depicted from the book of Genesis in the holy bible. During the creation account, God created everything through the word of mouth, but when He came to the create man, He used His own hand. This is because he needed to design the human body in a well-defined way since he desired to come up with a beautiful product which will always be pleasing to His eyes. This is the main reason why we as humans we are being considered as the most beautiful of God’s creation since we were created in image and likeness of God, so we resemble God in appearances.After God created human being, he went ahead and gave him the divine authority to rule over all other creature under the sun. He gave him the garden of Aden which was filled with all kind of fruits which man could utilise as his source of food from then.

It was clear, despite the fact God did all this things to human, He did not provide him with clothes. This is a true indication that God was pleased with the human appearances while naked. This is the bases from which the naturism church followers base their belief on the need for humans to be naked. They belief since God bring us into this world naked, we should always be naked at all times. They belief that, wearing clothes is a way of hiding our sins from God something which is just close to impossible. After the woman was deceived by the devil in form of serpent and then pass of the fruit to the man that the very moment they realised they were naked.

Before then, they were always free and relaxed about their nakedness at all times. On realising they were naked, they did not run from each other a clear indication that they were not afraid of each other nor were they ashamed of each other. They both went and took the fig tree leaves some of which they could use to cover their nakedness. When God was going around the garden of Aden, He called Adam “where are you?” Adam said that he was hiding since he was naked. Then God asked him “who told that you are naked?” Instead of Adan giving an explanations to why he was naked, he started giving excuses that “it is this woman you gave to me who gave me the forbidden fruit”From this incidences it can be clearly seen that, Adam and Eve were trying to hide their sins from God by covering their bodies with fig leaves.

This is because, immediately they heard God in the garden, that the very moment they started finding leaves to cover their nakedness. It is believed also that, human beings even today try to wear clothes to cover their sins away from God. Human being have fallen short of God’s glory and the only way they can hide their sinful nature is by wearing clothes. This is the same case that used to apply to most Pharisee during the time when Jesus was on earth. They used to put more emphasis on the outward appearances while they were rotting inside (in their hearts) For my case, following this Christian belief I also found the need to remain pure in my ways of life.

The only way I could achieve this, was only by joining this naturism Christian movement. By just being naked, human being are in a position to prevent and avoid many vices associated with immoralities. This is because, at some point in life human being do commit sins as a result of curiosity which is at times brought about by lust. But if only we were all naked, everyone would be used to nakedness and such kind of immoral sins would not be an issue in our societies. Also being a nudist come along wide a wide variety of health benefits. This may include experiencing sun-kisses in a more defined way, being flexible while exercising and also avoiding smelling sweat every time one undertake some exercises.It is thus, very important for every human to have a clear and defined purpose before taking a step in life especially in issues related to nudism.

This will help one be in a position to be able to with stand even the criticisms which do emerge in the societies since you already have the basic knowledge as to why you choose to have such a kind of lifestyle.


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