I tend to find inspirations from something in everyone. But, when I think of a person I greatly admire, I can only think of my mother. I am in an awe of her amazing being every single day. Apart from being a loving mother and an insightful teacher, she is a phenomenally and substantially strong woman. Outspoken and confident, she is bright and kind and vibrant. I owe all my values and virtues of patience, compassion and perseverance to her. She has taught me that the greatest thing is to be grateful to be alive and live the present moment with full awareness. At every setback, she has always motivated me to collect courage and strength, like an arrow, prepared and set to shoot forward. I love how she always carries an optimistic outlook of life. I am grateful to have her to look up to. She is always there for me with her unconditional love, unwavering support and constructive criticism. She always looks for a greater purpose in her life, and goes beyond her limits to help anyone in need, thus teaching me to be compassionate in life. One of the most important lessons that she teaches is to be honest, in all that we do and all that we are, without high expectations of the outcome. Only if we are honest in what we do and who we are, we are able to stand strong and liberated, with a straight spine and head held high.


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