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Last updated: February 12, 2019

I see National Junior Honor Society as great opportunity to hone my leadership skills, earn scholarships, learn and apply new character qualities to my personal life as well in my school life, and as a stepping stone to getting more involved in community service. But along with that, I see it not only as an incredibly beneficial opportunity as a student, but also feel that I would be able to apply the same qualities learned, later in life. Working alongside other students who have the same desire for all the qualities that NJHS stands for would be a privileged experience and to find myself as a candidate of the NJHS would be an honor that I’m certain will have a big impact on my future.

To the NJHS, I will be contributing my competence/capability as a runner and my eagerness for assisting those in need. I’ve always wanted to contribute more to my community, and believe that NJHS will provide an excellent opportunity to get more involved in such activities. Along with accomplishing a GPA score of 3.5 or higher, I have also begun running as a member of one of my school’s many clubs. Running has helped me, specifically, in the area of self-confidence and has also helped me to take on a more active leadership position in encouraging others to reach for higher goals themselves.

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Added to that, as an older sibling in a large family, I’ve also come to realize, over the years, that patience and the tenacity to persist are paramount and valuable qualities in a good leader and has led to me successfully prioritizing my responsibilities and has, on numerous occasions, helped me to do my best in everything.For the last several years, I’ve regularly participated in playing the piano at nursing homes, cleaning out junk and debris from elderly people’s backyards, babysat for friends, etc. I enjoy helping out and feel that, specifically, the leadership gained from NJHS would provide me with a more efficient way of serving the community.

I’m certain that being a member of NJHS will continually challenge me to improve and upgrade my personal standards, whether it is my talents or knowledge in education. I also believe that being selected as a candidate for NJHS would encourage me to continue to strive for academic excellence. The standards for ingress into the NJHS are scholarship, character, leadership, and service, and I believe that I am fully capable enough to be chosen as a representative into this organization. All the way though this year, as a Haas Hall scholar, I consider myself as having displayed/bespoken all four of these hallmark qualities.


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