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Last updated: April 11, 2019

I recognize that studying for a Masters degree requires a certain level of determination and strength of character. Working in the IT and Financial Services industries of a burgeoning economy like Nigeria has exposed me to a diverse academic and professional background, acquainted me with the complexities of succeeding in emerging markets and as such, prepared me for the demands and challenges presented by undertaking study in the Master of Computer Science program at the University of New Brunswick. Having grown up in a household with a budding script kiddie, I quickly became aware of the idea of software practices.

Traversing the drives of our home IBM computer to sample newfound executables quickly became my favorite pastime. Most notable of these applications was the MS-DOS prompt which introduced me to Windows batch scripting which I consider ‘My programming debut’. These experiences gave me a superficial knowledge of the versatility of computer systems ergo kindling my interest in the areas of Programming Languages and Software Engineering which I intend to further pursue in graduate school. During my undergraduate studies, I had the fortune of learning from a broad range of students and experienced scholars from multicultural backgrounds. And with the width of Covenant University’s curricula contents, I received a comprehensive exposure and theoretical understanding of the core areas of Computer Science.

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Over the 4-year period and beyond, I developed an interest in the areas of Web and Desktop Application development, honing my skills in several programming and scripting languages and frameworks (including but not limited to the .NET framework (in VB ; C#), Java, SQL, PHP, Python and Angular JS) by studying and taking on pro bono and paid freelance projects.In addition to that, I frequently attend thought-provoking industry seminars and professional courses to stay abreast of the latest technologies, thus obtaining applicable certifications to validate my understanding of certain core areas of computer science. As a result, I am confident in my ability to adapt to your environment and thrive in your Master’s program and as a professional in the field.

After graduating from Covenant University, my wish was to without ado kick-start my career in Nigeria’s burgeoning Information Technology space. However, in a recessionary economy with rising unemployment rates, a gap year was inevitable, during which I held an 8-months internship position as a support engineer where I handled the support for the Finacle banking application while also honing my programming skills by taking on freelance jobs both paid and pro bono. As the unemployment rate in my home country persisted, a career opportunity in one of Nigeria’s more lucrative industries, banking, started to appear attractive to this ardent programmer.I currently work in one of the top financial institutions in Nigeria, Guaranty Trust Bank.

Upon excelling in my GTBank training school class of 35, I had the honor of working in the software-testing unit, where my teammates and I carry out functional tests to all banking applications (Including web and mobile applications). Of greater significance was the opportunity to gain a comprehensive outlook as regards the intricacies of the Nigerian economy as it relates to the Financial Services industry and IT, and why for instance the banking sector should be more proactive in deploying Internet of Things technologies to serve its customers. This experience has taught me the importance of capital structure to companies, proper management of liquidity and the impact of innovation in a dynamic business ecosystem.

The IT industry in my home country has great potential compared to other more advanced countries as it is still in its relative infancy; I intend to apply what I learn in this program to the exploitation of the potential in the Nigerian IT space. I believe the next logical step on my path is the University of New Brunswick’s Master of Computer Science program; I can say with conviction that my conversance with world-class teaching procedures will prove to be a substantial experience to put me in good stead in the path to develop my career potential as a professional Software Developer.Thank you for considering my application.


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