Topic: BusinessManagement

Last updated: April 12, 2019

I propose to use some project management technique and management process for planning, executing and deliver project successfully for excellent award ceremony for Manukau institute of Technology for 2018. People and Culture team use their planning and control all activities for Excellence award 2018. People and Culture team project is committed to implementing effective project management solution at all levels of their projects to be success.• Nomination• Living the value awards• Outstanding Achievement award• Teaching Excellence awardsI will engage in analyse and interpreting over eight weeks period, from Quarter 3-4 of 2018 for approximately fourteen hours per week. I will analyse and come up with a solution for development of Excellence award 2018 project progress.After collection of the data about the Excellence awards 2018 project scenario and my recommended project management and management process solution will benefit the entire award ceremony project.

I will analyse it using qualitative and quantitative analysis and proceed with research draft.At the end of my analysis and research, my recommendation and detailed research project management and management process report to the upper management and everyone involved in this project. It will outline the problems faced by the Excellence awards event project and lesson learnt with current event project. Excellence awards Project would be able to benefit from implementing an appropriate project management and management process solution for project progress.

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