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Last updated: April 18, 2019

I know for sure that I am not heterosexual, I’m not even sure I could ever be.

And few years ago, when I first started to have these kind of self-revelations, I also knew that I needed more space to keep exploring as much as I could. I think probably the hardest part for me when I came out in middle school was not knowing what label to use to describe myself. I thought that my confusion with my presentation was just me trying to fit in one of those few boxes and be someone who can at least know what I am. I was so nervous and lost. But versus masculine versus football that was experiencing really deep dysphoria. That was more my gender than my sexuality. Knowing that ultimately being part of the gay community means more than any other label and really helped me a lot.

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The cool thing of being what I am is that is an umbrella term, you can embrace the fluidity of sexuality. Gender roles and gender stereotypes are highly fluid and can shift substantially over time, I came from a very conservative country which it was extremely hard to come out to the society, and after all these years of “being in the closet” I would finally explain what was to life in a country like Peru with thousands of conservative Catholics around you.


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